A single flame.

A single flame when sat with can provide so much.


As I sat for a few minutes gazing at the candle I had just lit, I became aware of much more encompassing me and the room I sat in.

I became aware of the spark that begins all things. The simplest of reactions creating a captivating dance of creation.

The flame soft and alluring as it snakes it’s way, back and forth, creating a beautiful belly dance as it searches for more. More to satisfy it’s hunger and fuel to nourish it’s needs.

The light and shadow cast from the flame, dancing across the room, bringing chanting and singing and drumming to its rythmn. The beat intoxicating as I gently and steadily gaze into the spark, seeing all so clearly and hearing all so profoundly.

Balance. The key to all things.

We speak of embracing the return of the feminine ways but we speak as if this must rise up against the masculine. This is not so, the masculine shall meet the feminine in a dance so fast and passionate that to many it will seem like destruction, yet to those who can hear the beat of the universe? It will be seen as it is, a flamenco to end all, releasing with the passion of tango and gently resting at a waltz, returning and restoring the battle within.

But all has its balance. The masculine and the feminine, destruction and it’s beautiful balance of creation. All within the spark of a candle. The spark of a flame.

Balance within is what I speak of, not the external battles we see around us, but the battle within. The battle of balance, keeping us locked in a seemingly eternal tug of war between our soul and our ego mind. Our eternal and our human.

The battle will be settled when those battling, see that it is not a case of who wins, but instead a case of realising that you are both. You are all. You are infinite and divine and human and here. Right now, within this moment.

Striving to be in the heavens when your soul resides in this body, cannot be so. You can visit, you can reach out and connect. You are ALWAYS connected. But you are supposed to be here. Between the heavens and the earth, transmitting and transmuting and feeling and speaking and embracing what makes humans, human.

Embracing the body you chose, the life you decided upon, the experiences you mapped out for yourself. Embracing that you are limitless and as such you are the driver within the confines of this experience. You can choose and change and move and play and be free, you can be happy and settled and secure and amazing.

The battle ends when you have the realisation that you are all of those things already and all you need do? Stop fighting your own self.

You are not a soul having a human experience or a human having a soul experience. You are both. You are all and you are a divine spark of the universe, manifesting all and anything you wish to create.

The flame is the simplest creation rolled into one of the most complex and magical forms imaginable. You are the flame.

Burn bright, stand true and dance with the wind as it takes you.

Nici Gorman


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