Conversations with my Self.

Sweet one. It’s been some time since you have chosen to hear our words.

And this you must understand. You have chosen not to communicate, not the other way round. We have been here  as always, guiding, supporting and providing inspiration as and when you have allowed us to.

We are always here. That is what you agreed. You would be ‘there’ and we would be ‘here’. Ever listening, ever guiding and ever providing you with the love energy that you need in such dense energy.

You have done the same for others and do the same even now. Although you won’t agree with that of course.

Your mind is a powerful thing, but your heart, your true thinking mind will always be as strong. We don’t say stronger,  as It’s not a competition but a balance.

It’s a balance that each and every soul volunteers to experience willingly and excitedly. You just don’t recall that right now.

Take a moment to close your eyes and breathe. Know your connection to your heart space. Feel your connection to your energy. The shiver you just experienced was a soul memory. A sign as you call it. You can reconnect into your soul state at any time, but you must CHOOSE to do so. It cannot be given to you, you cannot be taught how by anyone other than your own self.

And in saying that, you become responsible for your connection to all things. You become able to connect at any time, if you so CHOOSE it. You become able to connect to what you call the spirit world, simply by connecting to your own soul state. The human body merely a capsule in which to exist for a little while, yet one of the biggest obstacles you put in your own way.

You did not and have not lost your connection, for if you had? You would not exist in this moment right now. To lose your connection is simply not possible. You are soul energy and as such are here, there, has been, will be, and all in between. You place such importance on connecting outside of yourself yet by connecting back in to yourself? You connect to all energy.

What fears you so, is the very reason you have refused to reconnect to yourself. The fear of becoming.

What you fail to see is that by refusing to connect to what is truth and pure and of heart centred soul energy, by refusing to trust what your soul speaks of, and instead allow others to control your self worth, you are becoming increasingly more of what you do not wish to become, by using your mind to logically work through these issues, you are being exactly what was the aim.

The aim was to stunt you, to prevent you from seeing what brilliance lies within you. Your full potential for love. The aim was to leave you unable and unwilling to serve how you have been guided to. Because a person who is fully connected into their own heart energy, to their own soul, in balance with their human mind? Is a perceived danger to others.

They are a person who does not need to seek permission, seek praise, seek teachings and guidance and support. This person is dangerous because they know that everything they need is provided within them. If only they can work through that fear mind to get to their true connection to all things- themselves.

This aim was not created to upset or to disrespect you. You chose this experience to show you the way. All who have been involved in this aim, did so and chose to do so willingly too. A script of a play, executed with perfection, to enable the best possible outcome for all.

You have come away with important experiences and challenges. As have each person within the play.

Do you ever wonder why all folklore have a moral to their story? It’s the lesson within the dance. And once you know the lesson? You can grow and develop and move forward.

And move forward you shall. Onwards with a deep seating connection to the most important teacher you have. Your soul. Your heart and your intuition.

It’s time to become unstuck from the quicksand you chose to put yourself in. It’s time to reconnect. And this reconnection started with a single thought. A single choice. You chose to draw cards today and you then chose to reach out and speak to us.


You Simply Chose.

Nici Gorman


One thought on “Conversations with my Self.

  1. I thoughly enjoyed tonight, even though I did not have the success that others experienced, I learnt a new process to relax which was very beneficial. I look forward to putting this into practice. Thank you.

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