Responsibility is to be  “answerable” & “accountable for one’s actions”.

From the very root of the word, it tells us so much.

But what does it actually mean in real life. I feel the meaning has been lost along the way and the word responsibility has become something we throw about far too easily and readily. Because in all honesty? The biggest responsibility you have is to yourself.

To become completely accountable for one’s own actions, thoughts, energy and deeds.

To become completely answerable to any and all situations that we find ourselves in, knowing that we chose to put ourselves there for a good reason.

In the world of spiritual living, we speak a lot of personal responsibility yet, again, many have missed the true meaning behind this. Personal responsibility is at its roots, being completely and utterly true to yourself & in doing so, becoming completely true and authentic with others too. Being completely answerable and accountable for everything that you share, pass on and perceive. Being responsible for how you relay information or teach and guide another.

There are too many get out clauses to responsibility nowadays.

Quotes such as ‘how you choose to perceive what I say is not my responsibility’ ‘how you choose to act on the information provided is your responsibility’ ‘the information given was from spirit not me’ are true to an extent and given the lawsuit world we live in, are sadly essential if working spiritually, but they immediately move responsibility to another person, or to a thing.

Yet if we are completely responsible for everything we do ourselves, and for what we put out, suddenly we are the ones in control of our own lives and for many, including me, that is a scary idea.

How many of us would readily accept that every single thing, good and bad that has happened in our lives, is our responsibility?

We prefer to stay in a state of acceptance that we are not in control because in doing so, we do not have to accept full responsibility for ourselves.

We can choose instead to say ‘But they did that to me, I didn’t want that’ ‘I didn’t choose to lose my job’ ‘I was dealt that hand’.

Even when we are extremely conscious beings, we still struggle with this element of complete responsibility for ourselves. We instead seek guidance outside of ourselves, seek teachers outside of ourselves, seek someone or something that can make it easier to say ‘That didn’t work out but it’s okay because that was outside of my control’.

But what if it wasn’t? What if nothing was outside of yourself? What if you were able to achieve a state of being, where you are able to say ‘that’s all me. Even when someone else does something, that’s a part of me too’.

Because essentially we are a hive mind of conscious energy. We are each a spark of the universe in human form currently, we are each connected to each other and to the universe. We send out and receive and perceive our little part of this reality that we create for ourselves and within that we consciously create that reality communally too.

So in being responsible completely for our own self, we become responsible for all selves. We become completely in control of not only our own energy and how we use it, but in others energy and how we receive it. We become responsible for every loving peaceful moment and every fear based angry moment too.

In becoming completely accountable and answerable to ourselves, we become accountable and answerable to every spark of the universe.

Those little things you dislike about yourself? Go within, speak to the greatest teacher you will ever have. You.

The fear and hate in the world? Go within and seek out the fear and hate you feel within yourself. Learn to love and heal and embrace everything within you.

Because when you are able to embrace that you are the one in control and responsible for everything within you, you also accept responsibility for your part in everything outside of you too. 

You can change the reality you are in, you just need to take responsibility.

Nici Gorman


2 thoughts on “Responsibility

  1. A difficult concept for many to grasp, I think. I know I struggled when it was first presented to me. For eg., how could I possibly be responsible for what others do, and what else happens in the world? The first part was easier for me to grasp – what did I do?, what part did I play?, in the others’ response/reaction to what I said/did or didn’t say/do. My understanding is this…Although everyone is ultimately responsible for their own response and reaction, to varying degrees what I do plays a part in the other’s response to me, and I’m responsible for that.

    The hardest responsibility concept for me, though, was how could I be responsible for happenings that I’m not directly connected to? To me, for eg., it doesn’t mean I’m directly responsible for the evil in the world, but indirectly, as the fear, anger, prejudice, hate etc that is within me, somehow radiates out, is mirrored energetically out into the Universe and somehow plays a role in the greater disharmony that is played out in the world. Or, as you put it…”The fear and hate in the world? Go within and seek out the fear and hate you feel within yourself….Because when you are able to embrace that you are the one in control and responsible for everything within you, you also accept responsibility for your part in everything outside of you too.” Thank you for your blog

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    • A very difficult concept indeed Nick. One that I am beginning to make sense of some of the time and not at other times, all practice and understanding in motion. Thankyou for your thoughts.


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