Sisters of Gaia

This was written last year via a guide who came in specifically to speak to the female side of my energy at this time. It has sat here, unpublished for some time! But today I felt it relevant to finish release it to be heard.


Welcome sisters of Gaia.
Hear me now,
You are here to be embraced.
Embraced for all that you are and all that you have forgotten you are.
You are here to be held. Cradled and forgiven.
You are here to step back onto the path you felt you had to leave.
You are here to be heard. To cry. To feel. To be women in all your beautiful vulnerability.
You are here to remember that which makes you women.
Your gentle and wild and soft and strong beautiful energy.
To remember you are enough.
To remember the power you hold within.
The abundant font of all mother wisdom.
Be you mothers, sisters, grandmothers or not.
Be you children of the womb.

Nici Gorman


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