Conversations with the self

Beautiful all knowing magnificent souls,

What exciting journeys you all chose to embark upon! And choose you did. Whether you know this or not, you were excited. There was no ounce of fear or concern.

Whether your role was to be a perceived villain or hero, victim or attacker. Manipulator or empathiser.

You see, you were excited to experience another life. Another challenge. Another opportunity to view the universe through the eyes of a different perspective. For they are all perspectives of the same eyes in truth and this you know when you search within.

Heres the thing. If you were to remember how it felt to be ready to be challenged in new and exciting ways, the challenges you now face would not be as challenging. They would not be as enduring or as growing. The universe would not come to know itself as it does, because your input would be tainted by a lack of real human experiences. It would all just be for fun, which really and truly, it is. But if you were to feel that? Would you grow as deeply? Feel as freely? Fall as strongly?

Never Fear, you are always connected should you fall that little way too far from the love that you are within, never fear, if you fall? You will always be caught. Not by some benevolent being of higher self, but by the energy that you are always a part of. The you, the all. The everything.

As always, I leave you with the love of all that is within you.

Nici Gorman


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