A small seed.


We birthed this world into being, you and I.

With every small seed, it started with one.

And one is all that was needed. One small seed and the intention to love it, keep it safe, care for it
and allow it to grow into miraclous being.

The small seed is the easy part. Keeping it safe and warm was no problem at all.
But birthing such a wonderful being, into being? That was a challenge.

And so I came to be me. The mother of all mothers, with an ability to flex and stretch my being with such
energy it enveloped me. And I became the seed, the seed within the birthing, turning myelf inward,
bearing down in such power that the push became a pull and the pull became a push.

And so, as the world was born, it enveloped me within it. For I had the power to endure such labours.

This is where I have remained, enduring such labours as new seeds were birthed
and light shone down upon the lucious skin of what had become me being.

And this is where i shall remain, as light turns to acid and continue to endure I shall.

For when we birthed this world into being, we set about a reaction in matter, where mother energy
was to come to be in every woman. Every woman was to have a space, just as the space where I exist.

A space warm, protective, safe and comforting. A space where they can turn themselves inward and
bear down with such great power that they can create the very mother energy from that space automatically.

But there is another peice of this puzzle, for a puzzle is what it is. To complete the puzzle we must have an opposite.
while we are able to turn inwards into ourselves, so must their be an energy that can push outwards into the world.
And thus set about a reaction in matter, where father energy was to come to be in every man. Every man to have a
outward action to every womans inward reflection. And so balance and duality came to be.

We created this world into being, you and I. But who is you and I for we are one.
In such a way that the space of a woman compliments the action of a man, so the action of a man compliments the space
of a woman. For we are one you and I. I exist as much within you and you within I. And so the duality of the self
came to be.

The masculine and the feminine. The sacred 2 that bring push and pull, pleasure and pain. Action and reflection.

And all returns to a single seed, for their needed to be only one. Not split in two or halves of a whole, but a complete
seed bearing the fruits of the labour endured. The action and reflection of it all contained in a single seed.

A single idea that we brought into being, you and I.

Nici Gorman


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