Channeled writings from Higher self

You left this message until last for a reason. You always do.
Hearing me is always the hard one for you.
I understand that though. After all, I am you and you I. And I know your fears, your worries and anxieties.
But I am you up here, away from those blocks and the pain. I know what’s going on all around you, when you have only a snapshot and can’t find your way in the dark.

At some point you will come to see us as one being, as a part of the same soul and spirit and therefore totally connected at all times.

You flow so easily when you write our truth. Because it’s the same truth that lays in your heart. This is the real you. The one without all that yucky stuff holding you back. But know this, you are holding yourself back. No one else, nothing else. The universe is not conspiring against you, but instead conspiring towards you and for you via what you send out. What you act and react on.
I/we can help ourselves though! And this is the simplest thing you must learn. I am you and you are me. The best version of you, minus the pain and doubt and worry.

They are important parts of our experience of course! They create the duality needed for the universe to grow. How ever, there is a fine line between growth and self sacrifice.

All you need to do is to remember you aren’t in this alone. We are in this together. I am not separate from you. Call me whatever label you like, but I am the voice of reason in the chaos. Your voice of reason. Your heart. Your intuition, your positive and active, motivating thoughts before those other thoughts pop in. You find it so easy to listen to the other voice, that you have to wonder. ….

What could you achieve if you tried listening to the best version of you instead of the worst.

Our love is the same. It holds the vibration of beauty for you to walk in, with that best version of you in your heart.
Imagine what what happen if we could allow ourselves to trust in that time inherent connection to the self. To me, who is you in all facets.
Loving you is easy, we simply are one.

Nici Gorman


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