Channeling for workshop

What do you need to share with me for the workshop on Sunday?

Everything. Everything and nothing all wrapped in a shiny bow of love.

You see, the experience within all connections is what incarnation is all about. You don’t see it when you are knee deep in those experiences though of course.

What you see instead, is the hardships or the joy. You see all the amazing ranges of emotion through your beautiful, perfectly made body and mind.

You don’t see how simply divine that is, to feel and see and experience so very deeply. Just by being a living breathing incarnation of physical matter, you bring meaning to the universe.

You are a completely perfect sensory receiver for all things and that makes you so very important. Every single one of you enables the universe to know itself through you.

Now we know that sounds amazing in theory. And in truth, it is amazing. But we also accept that it’s not so easy when you are there. Within all these connections. Millions of connections every single day. And millions do indeed occur daily. From the moment you wake, to the moment you rest your body. The feel of the mattress on your skin, the weight of your own body, the sunlight streaming in through the windows. These simple and joyful connections happen almost unconsciously what with so many other connections occurring simultaneously.

But that’s what makes you so very unique and beautiful. Humans that is.

You get to have a physical body. One that feels pleasure and pain. One that is fragile and vunerable to the elements of earth. One that can get broken and battered and yet has the most miraculous abilities to heal itself.

And that is all connection. Connection to everything single surrounding energy within your imagination. You really do get to have your cake and eat it too.

But we acknowledge you don’t feel that way very often. And you aren’t supposed to. You see, if you realised how limitless you are, how unbreakable you truly are, how perfect you are at playing the game. You wouldn’t have as much fun.

From a soul perspective, it is all fun. It’s all about perceptions you see. Even the bits that feel yucky and horrid and smelly and toxic, are fun.

We can almost feel your disbelief as tangible and again, how amazing it is to be able to have such a reaction. From this perspective at least. Reactions, Actions- it’s a blessing to be able to feel such things.

You see, experience is what you are all about. By using that body and that mind, you are able to thrive and grow and develop. As you thrive and grow, so does the universe.

There is no big secret to purpose. You are already living your purpose just by being. We know that sounds cliché but it’s truth.

If you wish to box that up as a healer, or a therapist, or a stock market savvy genius, or a medium or a refuse collector, you are most welcome to.

When it comes down to the simplest of forms? You’re path is the purpose. Purpose is not a destination but the journey itself.

Every single moment you live in alignment to the energy you are, you live with purpose. Every perceived wrong path? Is your purpose. Because your purpose is not outwards of yourself.

It is you. Walk with purpose. Live with purpose. Love with purpose. Feel with purpose.

Your purpose is naturally aligned to every step that you take and you cannot possibly guess the general theme of your experience this time. You can keep guessing as you have in many other incarnations, if you choose. You can keep searching for that one thing that sets you apart from the rest.

Or you could see that actually, you are all one big shiny machine of love experiencing love. Life experiencing life.

Connections is where it’s at sweet one. Join up the dots and you’ll see you have always been exactly where you need to be. Living in purpose.


Nici Gorman


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