Conversations with my self

I should know that by now/I should have learnt that by now…

Should you?
You seem to be mistaking the beauty of learning, with the expectation of learning.

You see sweet one. There is no should.
If you have learnt something and gained greater awareness and growth, you have learnt something. This does not mean you won’t exoerience something else along the way to help you further that understanding.

There is always more to experience. Always more to feel and grow from.

And when a should pops up, try to see it as a beautiful signpost that you have gifted yourself to enable you to experience that element even more deeply. 

Maybe you get to see that circumstance from another direction this time.
Maybe you get to see from a wider perspective.
Maybe, just maybe, you get to see more clearly, more quickly thanks to the previous moments of experiences similar circumstance.

But know this. How can you be adding a ‘should’ to a circumstance when no too experiences are the Same?

You are not the person who experiences one circumstance and then repeats that exact circumstance later. You are the person to gains deeper understanding to add to a new if not maybe similar circumstance.

No two moments are alike and so therefore you are no more alike to the you from before, as the you in the next moment.

Overall? Please consider not giving yourselves such a hard time over ‘lessons’

The point is to grow in deeper understanding of your own energy, and in doing so, to become so much more aware of all that you are within the wider scale of energy, the fractals of the great whole.

It is difficult we appreciate. To not place such heavy expectations on your own learning. Let alone those expectations placed upon you by other beings too.

But we urge you to try it. When you feel a ‘should’ instead of berating yourself,

Celebrate your clear wisdom gained from earlier experiences, which enable you to flow through this next experience/lesson, whatever it may be with deeper understanding, deep compassion for the self and deeper connection to your truth.

Because simply? Your compassion, wisdom, conscious loving and truth are what connects you to all.

As always.

Nici Gorman


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