Awakened or not.

Just saying……
Discussing the labels of awakened and non- awakened. Calling yourself awakened in comparison to others. Asking how to awaken others. Being judgemental about people you class as un awakened.

All feed into the idea of separation. Of duality. Of judgement. Of someone else’s path being lesser than, more than in some way. Its comparison.

We have no idea about the path or mission of others. We don’t truly know anything about what being aware is to anyone other than ourselves.

We are all climbing the mountain. There are may paths to the top. Non are wrong. If you come across someone asking for assistance on their boulder covered path? Lend a hand! If they are too busy working out how to navigate it themselves to notice You, carry on your way. Or don’t. Give unsolicited advice or don’t. Neither is wrong. Move boulders for others or don’t. Neither is wrong.

Judging others is not wrong either. Nor is comparison. Nor is duality. It’s all important. It’s all experience. It’s all a part of YOUR pathway.

And the most hilarious thing is what are you gonna do when you get to the top of the mountain? No one knows cos all who have reached it have never returned back down again…..  (Or at least not in the same form as before)

Most of all? Be human and messy and conflicted and beautiful and flawed. Enjoy the ride. You came here to do exactly that! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Nici Gorman


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