Conversations with the self.

What do I need to know today.

That the desires and energy you feel within you are truth.


That you have denied such energy for so very long. NOT only in this life as you are in this moment. But in many other lives. NOT only as a woman. But also as a man.

You deny the beating drumming in the womb space. You deny the energy that travels up your spine. Faster than lightening, it shocks the entire system in to action. In to the action of authentic exchange.

You felt it today when you finally closed the door on a part of life you no longer require moving forward. You felt that excitement. That freedom. That absolute beauty causing you to wish to go outside into the night sky and scream! Not in anger or frustration. But in happiness and freedom and love. The fires are burning brightly within dear one. And as time continues onwards those fires are continuing to be stoked by others who understand you path. Those who do not? Are no where in this field to be found. They cannot see the wood through the trees for precisely the correct reasons. Because they are not a part of the journey onwards.

We do not fear them or worry for them. W simply acknowledge that this path is off the beaten track and not all can or want to follow into the darkness. They do not see the embers burning brightly leading the way. NOT all will see as you do. NOT all have your eyes. You knowledge and your wisdom.

This is not a race. NOT a competition. This is merely acknowledging the gifts and abilities that you DO have. Those who do not or will not, have their own set of skills and gifts. For them to use at the right time for them.

Must we wait under the sky for them to see or not see? Or can we choose to do our best at following what we inherently know is our own path and allow them to choose whether to follow, watch from a far or turn away. All choices are correct and right for them. All choices are always right.


But you. You cannot deny the beat of the heart within you. You cannot deny the storytelling blood that flows from your ancestors. You cannot deny the urge to sit at the fire and sing, and tell and dance and make merry and be.

It is within those veins and you loke any other can choose to accept or deny. Welcome home my sister. Welcome to the creative space that is yours to own and make with whatever your will desires. Cast stones. Cast metals. Cast stories. Cast love. Cast all that you wish to share.

You have entered the belly of fear and risen unscathed. Shrugging off those last remnants and paving the way to heal so many who have denied their ancestry in your blood.

And now sweet one? Dust off the ashes of what once was. You are no longer heading that way. Take my hand and follow into the path of where each can journey when they so choose so accept and embrace the magic of their being.

Love as always.

Nici Gorman


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