About Me


Hi and welcome!

My name is Nici and I’m a 30 something-year-old mum and wife alongside being an intuitive coach.

We are all born with the intuition and ability to connect with one another. These skills are born to every one of us.
I have gained a wide selection of tools throughout my life and I use these tools to help others discover their own toolbox and skillset, most importantly, helping them to begin using these tools for positive change in their own life.

I am often given wonderful insights and philosophy from ‘them up there’ and this is a space to store all these amazing snippets along with information on how to access upcoming events, courses, or how to book sessions with me too!

I do not have all the answers, I do not profess to know anything more than any of us and every word written here is of my own thoughts and feelings along with any channelled information or messages I receive.

Feel free to have a nose around and pick up or drop any of the pieces written here. I love hearing from like minded friends so do please feel free to share your thoughts!

Beliefs are personal to each of us and should be respected as such. I embrace elements of many faiths and I do not follow one set faith or religion.

Please remember these simple rules before commenting.

is it true? is it necessary? is it kind? If you can answer yes to all 3 please share your thoughts with me!

I hope you enjoy.
blessings to all

xx Nici xx


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