I am moving!

Hey guys! So I'm moving! Those of you who follow my blog, thankyou so much! You can expect more of the same but via my new blog at Dare to Be Well coaching and healing. It makes sense to me, to centralise my blogs with my website and WordPress is best for that! It helps … Continue reading I am moving!


New Chapters

This is SUCH AN IMPORTANT video from Cedric Winter Wolf Clitheroe. Helping others to understand that just because you are doing something, doesn't mean you MUST do that forever. We change. We evolve. We move forwards. You can see the video below. New Chapters Video from Cedric Clitheroe And the difficulty comes when we DON'T … Continue reading New Chapters

Conversations with the self.

What do I need to know today. That the desires and energy you feel within you are truth. That you have denied such energy for so very long. NOT only in this life as you are in this moment. But in many other lives. NOT only as a woman. But also as a man. You … Continue reading Conversations with the self.

Dreaming of energy.

I've missed my dream world time. And this is why. For most of my life I've been able to recall dream world experiences daily. This stopped over a year ago to a point where I could only recall on occasion. I hadn't known why until I did some work this week with a friend. My … Continue reading Dreaming of energy.

Awakened or not.

Just saying...... Discussing the labels of awakened and non- awakened. Calling yourself awakened in comparison to others. Asking how to awaken others. Being judgemental about people you class as un awakened. All feed into the idea of separation. Of duality. Of judgement. Of someone else's path being lesser than, more than in some way. Its … Continue reading Awakened or not.

A journey into my truth

On Saturday I went on a journey. A road trip with a group of amazing women who I had always felt were so much more than I. More together, more experienced, more than. And this was partly a part of the trip. To release that lack within and see myself in truth. I couldn't sleep … Continue reading A journey into my truth