Yesterday I attended a fantastic workshop on dragons. And it quickly became very apparent as always, that this workshop was less about dragons and more about me. The dragons to me are another fractal of the all. Another layer of the consciousness of the universe that we all, as players in said consciousness, create into … Continue reading Dragons


Conversations with the self.

What do I need to know today. That the desires and energy you feel within you are truth. That you have denied such energy for so very long. NOT only in this life as you are in this moment. But in many other lives. NOT only as a woman. But also as a man. You … Continue reading Conversations with the self.

Dreaming of energy.

I've missed my dream world time. And this is why. For most of my life I've been able to recall dream world experiences daily. This stopped over a year ago to a point where I could only recall on occasion. I hadn't known why until I did some work this week with a friend. My … Continue reading Dreaming of energy.

Awakened or not.

Just saying...... Discussing the labels of awakened and non- awakened. Calling yourself awakened in comparison to others. Asking how to awaken others. Being judgemental about people you class as un awakened. All feed into the idea of separation. Of duality. Of judgement. Of someone else's path being lesser than, more than in some way. Its … Continue reading Awakened or not.

A journey into my truth

On Saturday I went on a journey. A road trip with a group of amazing women who I had always felt were so much more than I. More together, more experienced, more than. And this was partly a part of the trip. To release that lack within and see myself in truth. I couldn't sleep … Continue reading A journey into my truth

Sitting with the self.

I sit here every morning. I sit down next to my future self, with a cup of tea and we chat. We chat about how things are going. We chat about the amazing things we've been up to a few weeks from now. A few months from now. A few years from now. We chat … Continue reading Sitting with the self.

It’s time to shine!

You know what's sexy? Authenticity. Being completely you and doing so without apology. You want to dance? Dance. Stop waiting for a partner who will take the lead or pick you to join them on the dance floor. You hear a beat on the wind, a drumming in the ground below you, tap those feet … Continue reading It’s time to shine!