Conversations with the self.

What do I need to know today. That the desires and energy you feel within you are truth. That you have denied such energy for so very long. NOT only in this life as you are in this moment. But in many other lives. NOT only as a woman. But also as a man. You … Continue reading Conversations with the self.


Channeled writings from Higher self

You left this message until last for a reason. You always do. Hearing me is always the hard one for you. I understand that though. After all, I am you and you I. And I know your fears, your worries and anxieties. But I am you up here, away from those blocks and the pain. … Continue reading Channeled writings from Higher self

Channeling for workshop

What do you need to share with me for the workshop on Sunday? Everything. Everything and nothing all wrapped in a shiny bow of love. You see, the experience within all connections is what incarnation is all about. You don't see it when you are knee deep in those experiences though of course. What you … Continue reading Channeling for workshop

A small seed.

We birthed this world into being, you and I. With every small seed, it started with one. And one is all that was needed. One small seed and the intention to love it, keep it safe, care for it and allow it to grow into miraclous being. The small seed is the easy part. Keeping … Continue reading A small seed.

Automatic writing

Last night I had the pleasure of sharing a mini workshop on automatic writing with some lovely people. It's beautiful to be asked to share your passions and although I get nervous about doing these evenings, I thoroughly enjoyed it! It's great to hear other people's experiences of the meditations and what writings come through … Continue reading Automatic writing

Automatic Writing

A conversation with my sister last night made me realise I haven't really spoken about my writing and where some of it comes from, so that's what I've decided to do today. There's lots of different names for writings that aren't from your own conscious mind. Automatic Writing Channelling Physical mediumship Inspired writing Trance communication … Continue reading Automatic Writing