You simply are.

Ne Oublie- Never forget. Thankyou Great Granny. Never forget who you are. You are one hundred thousand abundant blessings encased in a single body. You are the child that was too sensitive, too dramatic, too tearful. Yet now you are the adult that uses those skills to help others. You are empathic. You are highly … Continue reading You simply are.


Seeing the truth.

I found my self thinking back to my quantum healing session today and specifically, to something my higher self pointed out. If I hadn't experienced the deaths of others in so many varied and painful ways, I couldn't feel the compassion I now feel for others dealing with their own grief and I couldn't have … Continue reading Seeing the truth.

But I’m not good enough.

While on the subject of self love and self worth another statement came to me. But I'm not good enough yet. Firstly. I'll let you in on a little secret. You have always been and always will be, good enough. Being unapologetically you- that is good enough! However. It takes time to unravel all of … Continue reading But I’m not good enough.

The you, you don’t always want to hear.

So what was yesterday really about then? Do you mean the beautiful green healing light you were flooded with? That was healing. Ha yes- I guessed that, and thank you! but no, I mean the telephone line being utterly severed to the point of there not even being a dialing tone. Oh that. I thought … Continue reading The you, you don’t always want to hear.

Lessons from spirit.

Last night I attended a spiritual evening, which I try to do as often as I can. I love catching up with everyone at the centre I attend, I've been struggling to get to events recently due to a foot injury and my husbands shifts, so it was really lovely to get to go. I … Continue reading Lessons from spirit.

Messages from spirit.

Im not one for placing too much emphasis on symbolism. It is of course everywhere and everything, but if we were to look into the meanings of every tiny little thing we wouldnt have much time to live and we would miss an awful lot of the beauty that is truly going on around us. … Continue reading Messages from spirit.