Channeled writings from Higher self

You left this message until last for a reason. You always do. Hearing me is always the hard one for you. I understand that though. After all, I am you and you I. And I know your fears, your worries and anxieties. But I am you up here, away from those blocks and the pain. … Continue reading Channeled writings from Higher self

Conversations with the self

Beautiful all knowing magnificent souls, What exciting journeys you all chose to embark upon! And choose you did. Whether you know this or not, you were excited. There was no ounce of fear or concern. Whether your role was to be a perceived villain or hero, victim or attacker. Manipulator or empathiser. You see, you … Continue reading Conversations with the self

Seeing the truth.

I found my self thinking back to my quantum healing session today and specifically, to something my higher self pointed out. If I hadn't experienced the deaths of others in so many varied and painful ways, I couldn't feel the compassion I now feel for others dealing with their own grief and I couldn't have … Continue reading Seeing the truth.

Conversations with the self…solitude.

I had a beautiful connected meditation last night. I set my intent to allow my higher self to let me know anything I need to know right now. I found myself standing on the highest red rock cliff, dressed in the most beautiful white flowing clothing, my long blond hair flowing in the breeze. I … Continue reading Conversations with the self…solitude.

The you, you don’t always want to hear.

So what was yesterday really about then? Do you mean the beautiful green healing light you were flooded with? That was healing. Ha yes- I guessed that, and thank you! but no, I mean the telephone line being utterly severed to the point of there not even being a dialing tone. Oh that. I thought … Continue reading The you, you don’t always want to hear.

Can anyone be a medium?

Can you all have mediumistic ability? Simple answer, yes. Yes of course. After all, you already know that you are exactly the same atoms and stardust of the universe. You are made of the same thing as the chair you sit at, the table you write at. The same atoms and energy as the person … Continue reading Can anyone be a medium?

Focus- conversations with my Self.

What should I focus in on right now? Well. What do you want me to say? You already know what you are focusing in on and you are right to do so. Because you were given those little signposts and messages and you listened. You are actually rather good at listening to yourself now and … Continue reading Focus- conversations with my Self.