Conversations with the self

Beautiful all knowing magnificent souls, What exciting journeys you all chose to embark upon! And choose you did. Whether you know this or not, you were excited. There was no ounce of fear or concern. Whether your role was to be a perceived villain or hero, victim or attacker. Manipulator or empathiser. You see, you … Continue reading Conversations with the self

Sometimes when it’s going wrong….

Today, and for quite a few days/weeks, I have felt waves of so many opposing emotions that it is frankly exhausting. Just in one day I have been overwhelmingly happy and moved, angry beyond measure, anxious, fearful, confident and then self defeatist in equal measure and I am currently feeling such deep sadness that it … Continue reading Sometimes when it’s going wrong….

Working with women.

There, I said it. I want to work with women. It's taken me years of work, years of experiences, years of soul searching and years of peeling back layers of conditioning, to come to a realisation of why I am so drawn to helping other people to become themselves. It's not simply because I like … Continue reading Working with women.

A single flame.

A single flame when sat with can provide so much. As I sat for a few minutes gazing at the candle I had just lit, I became aware of much more encompassing me and the room I sat in. I became aware of the spark that begins all things. The simplest of reactions creating a … Continue reading A single flame.

Ramblings at 3am

I've not written for a long while now. Others things have taken over, life has a way of doing that doesn't it. Importantly, it is our own recognition of this overtaking, that we need note and what we then choose to do with that. I recognised some time ago that I had put my writings … Continue reading Ramblings at 3am

Migraines, control and the carefree girl within

Something I've been reflecting on with this month's full moon is releasing the need to control. Originally I understood that to be in a more physical sense but after a hemiplegic migraine last night and then it continuing into today, I've had little to do but reflect and be today. (For those that don't know, … Continue reading Migraines, control and the carefree girl within

Past life regression workshop

I went to a wonderful workshop on Saturday and it has bought about some profound changes and released some major blocks in my solar plexus. Sometimes we are not ready to release issues purely because we aren't ready. Situations have not panned out to a certain point yet, for us to be able to make … Continue reading Past life regression workshop