Can anyone be a medium?

Can you all have mediumistic ability? Simple answer, yes. Yes of course. After all, you already know that you are exactly the same atoms and stardust of the universe. You are made of the same thing as the chair you sit at, the table you write at. The same atoms and energy as the person … Continue reading Can anyone be a medium?


Lessons from spirit.

Last night I attended a spiritual evening, which I try to do as often as I can. I love catching up with everyone at the centre I attend, I've been struggling to get to events recently due to a foot injury and my husbands shifts, so it was really lovely to get to go. I … Continue reading Lessons from spirit.

Spiritual Gifts.

Feeling irritable so this post keeps coming out as ranty or defensive. I am trying to get the correct point across but I am very passionate about this particular issue and therefore it keeps coming out a little less controlled than I would like. After several attempts it seems that is just how this post … Continue reading Spiritual Gifts.

Blessings from Spirit.

I was blessed recently to have a really insightful conversation with one of my guides. All my conversations with them are insightful and deep but this, was a perfect conversation of me asking a question and him replying in a way I totally understood! Our bond is growing and it's beautiful to see and feel. … Continue reading Blessings from Spirit.

Could you do platform Mediumship?

I was asked a question yesterday by a friend and it really got my brain ticking. The question related to demonstrations of mediumship. ' Do you think you will do platform Mediumship? ' My first response to this kind of question is always the same. No. No way. But it did get me thinking about … Continue reading Could you do platform Mediumship?

Don’t run before you can walk.

'Run before you can walk If someone tries to run before they can walk, they try to do something requiring a high level of knowledge before they have learned the basics.' I am a developing Psychic Medium. I've been developing my abilities for around a year now with the help of The Spiritual Centre of … Continue reading Don’t run before you can walk.