Sisters of Gaia

This was written last year via a guide who came in specifically to speak to the female side of my energy at this time. It has sat here, unpublished for some time! But today I felt it relevant to finish release it to be heard. Welcome sisters of Gaia. Hear me now, You are here … Continue reading Sisters of Gaia


The need to compete. Conversations with spirit.

There is actually no need to compete but rather a perceived lack of worth which causes comparisons to be made and then for life to become some kind of race to an invisible finish line that does not exist. Each pang of jealousy, judgement, comparison is an invitation to look within to what you are … Continue reading The need to compete. Conversations with spirit.

Focus- conversations with my Self.

What should I focus in on right now? Well. What do you want me to say? You already know what you are focusing in on and you are right to do so. Because you were given those little signposts and messages and you listened. You are actually rather good at listening to yourself now and … Continue reading Focus- conversations with my Self.

Soul contracts.

You ask about soul contracts. What is a soul contract and how does it affect you. I know you ask on behalf of another but I shall answer as I would you. We all have the ability to speak with spipit, to spirit, through spirit. So this will come as an explanation to you, from … Continue reading Soul contracts.

Conversations with My Self. Being Present.

We love that you are finding your way. That space you have been searching for, for so long. The space between the in breath and the out breath. The moment of being truly present in any one moment. You were drawn to learn the things you are learning, to help you- first and foremost. By … Continue reading Conversations with My Self. Being Present.

Numbers- conversations with my Self.

Why am I seeing all these numbers all the time? You already know that the two true and right languages are music and numbers. You willingly and happily accepted music into your life. You embrace music, it is all around you. In the wind whistling through the trees, the laughter of children, the sound of … Continue reading Numbers- conversations with my Self.

Revealing truth

Thankyou to an amazing artist who I am blessed to own cards of, Ravynne Phelan. This card was such a massive feature for so many of us in 2015 and synchronicity strikes again to bring it into the forefront once more. That's the thing with revealing truth. We open to the possibility of it, diving … Continue reading Revealing truth