A journey into my truth

On Saturday I went on a journey. A road trip with a group of amazing women who I had always felt were so much more than I. More together, more experienced, more than. And this was partly a part of the trip. To release that lack within and see myself in truth. I couldn't sleep … Continue reading A journey into my truth


Conversations with the self

Beautiful all knowing magnificent souls, What exciting journeys you all chose to embark upon! And choose you did. Whether you know this or not, you were excited. There was no ounce of fear or concern. Whether your role was to be a perceived villain or hero, victim or attacker. Manipulator or empathiser. You see, you … Continue reading Conversations with the self

Sometimes when it’s going wrong….

Today, and for quite a few days/weeks, I have felt waves of so many opposing emotions that it is frankly exhausting. Just in one day I have been overwhelmingly happy and moved, angry beyond measure, anxious, fearful, confident and then self defeatist in equal measure and I am currently feeling such deep sadness that it … Continue reading Sometimes when it’s going wrong….

Time to realign.

There has been very little in the way of channelled work on this blog for a while now. I had spent some time thinking I had done something wrong, or that my guides maybe didn't want to speak to me anymore, but no. As usual that is ego getting in the way and reminding us … Continue reading Time to realign.

Panther my blessed protector.

Guardian, protector of wondrous feminine grace. I feel you're presence and embrace your wisdom and truth. I acknowledge your inner power as that which is within me, not outside of me. I welcome the magik and medicine you come to me with at this time, knowing that from your guidance and teachings I can continue … Continue reading Panther my blessed protector.

Meeting myself.

What we receive in meditation really does depend on the intention we set and the energy we sit in. I'm going to share a meditative experience I had recently, based on sitting in my own energy. My own power. It is pretty unusual to receive such crystal clear imagery for me to be able to … Continue reading Meeting myself.