Channeling for workshop

What do you need to share with me for the workshop on Sunday? Everything. Everything and nothing all wrapped in a shiny bow of love. You see, the experience within all connections is what incarnation is all about. You don't see it when you are knee deep in those experiences though of course. What you … Continue reading Channeling for workshop

Sisters of Gaia

This was written last year via a guide who came in specifically to speak to the female side of my energy at this time. It has sat here, unpublished for some time! But today I felt it relevant to finish release it to be heard. Welcome sisters of Gaia. Hear me now, You are here … Continue reading Sisters of Gaia

Conversations with my Self.

Sweet one. It's been some time since you have chosen to hear our words. And this you must understand. You have chosen not to communicate, not the other way round. We have been here  as always, guiding, supporting and providing inspiration as and when you have allowed us to. We are always here. That is … Continue reading Conversations with my Self.

You simply are.

Ne Oublie- Never forget. Thankyou Great Granny. Never forget who you are. You are one hundred thousand abundant blessings encased in a single body. You are the child that was too sensitive, too dramatic, too tearful. Yet now you are the adult that uses those skills to help others. You are empathic. You are highly … Continue reading You simply are.


She is the darkness that walks in the shadows, Unseen but present in every day life. She is the voice of the warrior woman On point, tactless, angry, but there all the same. She is the rage that screams to get out, She wants to be heard, To scream and to shout! She is what … Continue reading She.

Time to realign.

There has been very little in the way of channelled work on this blog for a while now. I had spent some time thinking I had done something wrong, or that my guides maybe didn't want to speak to me anymore, but no. As usual that is ego getting in the way and reminding us … Continue reading Time to realign.

Feminine Energy

The soft curves of the woman, Such power within her body. Harnessing the fertile energy within the soft and smooth belly. The hardness of her shoulders, strength  taking on and carrying all that is essential to her work. Soft and gentle arms for embracing everything within her and around her. Her long neck, holding grace … Continue reading Feminine Energy