New Chapters

This is SUCH AN IMPORTANT video from Cedric Winter Wolf Clitheroe. Helping others to understand that just because you are doing something, doesn't mean you MUST do that forever. We change. We evolve. We move forwards. You can see the video below. New Chapters Video from Cedric Clitheroe And the difficulty comes when we DON'T … Continue reading New Chapters


A small seed.

We birthed this world into being, you and I. With every small seed, it started with one. And one is all that was needed. One small seed and the intention to love it, keep it safe, care for it and allow it to grow into miraclous being. The small seed is the easy part. Keeping … Continue reading A small seed.

A single flame.

A single flame when sat with can provide so much. As I sat for a few minutes gazing at the candle I had just lit, I became aware of much more encompassing me and the room I sat in. I became aware of the spark that begins all things. The simplest of reactions creating a … Continue reading A single flame.

Autumn Equinox (2)

Autumn Equinox blessings to you all! Today is equal day and night. The day of the year when we say goodbye to summer and welcome autumn. But today is more than just equal day and night. Today is the day of balance. Action and reflection in perfect unison. You see, in the spring you sowed … Continue reading Autumn Equinox (2)

Changing the world.

I saw a quote today. 'You don't have to change the world to be important' As I read it I thought 'how true' but then I felt I needed to sit with that for just another moment. Within that moment my guides explained to me that the quote is incomplete. 'You don't have to change … Continue reading Changing the world.

Panther my blessed protector.

Guardian, protector of wondrous feminine grace. I feel you're presence and embrace your wisdom and truth. I acknowledge your inner power as that which is within me, not outside of me. I welcome the magik and medicine you come to me with at this time, knowing that from your guidance and teachings I can continue … Continue reading Panther my blessed protector.


Miscommunication is not the act of someone missing your communication. It's the act of you not saying what you have to say. Sugar coating something as you would say. When you say what you mean and mean what you say there is no room for others to misunderstand. You feel misunderstood hence you taking a … Continue reading Miscommunication